Setting A Mood This Valentine's Day

8 Wines That Will Impress Your Valentine's Date


1. Le Poteau Rose

The perfect match always start off as friends, and just like the winemakers of Le Poteau, just a group of friends found love in making delicious wine. This lovely Rosé guarantees refreshing notes of raspberry, pomegranate and watermelon whilst carrying a smooth mouthfeel and medium acidity. Its flavour brings a subtle warm to a chilly evening mood.

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2. Roscato Bianco

Sweet Mother Mary loves to love, and with this bottle of wine, a tough of fizz does the trick. White froth and persistent fizz. Bright colour, soft yellow with greenish hints. Delicate aroma, with peach, yellow apple and candied citrus notes. Sweet flavour with fruity aftertaste, pair it with white fish or spicy foods. 

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3. Domaine Marie Les Callades Blanc

Chardonnay fans, we've found your new fav. This unoaked varietal brings notes of citrus, melon and peach with enough buttery character to complement bold tomato sauces and special-occasion seafood like lobster or scallops. This wine is also diet-friendly with very minimal sugars in them.

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4. Domaine Lafond Tavel Rosé

This wine is made for lovely evening dinners. It's balanced, slightly acidic rosé made with classic French grapes Syrah, Cinsault and Grenache, so you'll taste some strawberry, peach and cherries. It works beautifully with creamy pastas, seafood and any roasted meats. 

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5. Vigneti Del Sole Rosso

If you're going all out on making this the best V-day for your partner, pair it with a wine that can go the distance. Gorgeous Italian blend of Merlot, Corvina and Crotina that brings out elegance or Merlot alongside ripe, sweet grape of Corvinas. Brings out hints of blackberry and raspberries, this wine goes perfect with delicious steaks, creamy sauces and even chocolate desserts.

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6. Inviniti Pinot Gris

If the day calls for a relaxed, subtle and chill V-day, a bottle of Pinot Gris's a perfect companion for couples. Fragrant pear, red apple and stone-fruit aromas. The perfect Pinot Gris for light foods like cured meats and sipping by the pool. Delightful!

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7. Cote Mas Rouge

Big, bold and earthy, this Languedoc red brings cherries, blackcurrent and some peppery spice to your palate. Try it with a lamb or beef roast, pot pie or anything with gravy. 

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8. Domenico Fraccaroli Ripasso

Stop kidding yourself - sometimes you need a super-affordable bottle to enjoy on the couch and watch Netflix whilst getting cozy with your partner. This great Ripasso will fit the bill, with it's medium-high body and strong red fruit notes, this wine is easily enjoyed with stay home food like pizzas and takeaway meals. A great night, sorted.

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