Films To Watch During This Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese New Year films that will bring the whole family together.

This is the time of year where friends and family from all corners of the world are back together celebrating Chinese New Year. This also means unbuckling a button stuffing yourself with food, snacks and hopefully bottles of wine. To really get into the spirit of togetherness and companionship, add to the mix watching these specially curated films that'll give some laughs and maybe tears. 


First off, a classic Stephen Chow movie. When the hapless Sing (Stephen Chow) and his dim-witted pal, Bone (Feng Xiaogang), try to scam the residents of Pig Sty Alley into thinking they're members of the dreaded Axe Gang, the real gangsters descend on this Shanghai slum to restore their fearsome reputation. What gang leader Brother Sum (Danny Chan) doesn't know is that three legendary retired kung fu masters (Yu Xing, Dong Zhihua, Chiu Chi-ling) live anonymously in this decrepit neighborhood and don't take kindly to interlopers.


This movie is a possible tear jerker. Rob-B-Hood tells the story of a kidnapping gone wrong in Hong Kong; a trio of burglars consisting of Thongs (Chan), Octopus (Koo) and the Landlord (Hui) kidnap a baby from a wealthy family on behalf of triads.


Another Stephen Chow classic but this round has a bit more drama attached to it. Single father Ti (Stephen Chow) works tirelessly to earn enough money to keep his son, Dicky (Xu Jiao), enrolled in a private school, hoping the education will lead to better career options. Dicky studies diligently, but his threadbare clothing prompts the derision of his affluent classmates, making him feel like an outcast. Unable to purchase an expensive toy Dicky wants, Ti finds a glowing ball in a junkyard and gives it to him. Soon, the orb turns into Dicky's new best friend -- an alien.



Every Malaysian or Singaporean knows this film, its a 2-part classic sure to bring laughter, joy and bit of tears in some parts of the film. This comedy movie, portrays the lives, struggles and adventures of three Singaporean youths—8-year-old Jerry, his 15-year-old brother Tom and their 15-year-old friend Chengcai—who have a strained relationship with their parents. The film explores and highlights the issue of poor parent-child communication.


Everyone's favourite modern day Kung Fu hero, hailing from Foshan and by far as the most stylish of Kung Fu masters over past decades - IP Man. Over the past decade, the franchise has had over 4 films of IP man about how his life has progressed from his homeland China to Hong Kong. Although not all is true, it's an action-packed series everyone loves to watch. 



Sam Ching (Andy Lau), is a successful businessman with a golden touch in all areas except his romantic life. He's eager to find the right woman, but cautious, after multiple divorces. When he meets Milan (Shu Qi) in a Macau casino, he immediately falls in love with her, but there are stumbling blocks. She's a croupier and a cabaret dancer, which clashes with his social standing. He may drive her away for good if he suggests a prenuptial agreement to secure his riches.