Vyne wines celebrates the cultivation and joy of wine brewing from around the world with fellow vinos. Sourcing wines from diverse geographical regions, across oceans and continents from both traditional old and new world vineyards to feature on a selected list of wines on our website.

We started as a small trading company in 2018, selling a small but well known family owned-winery which over the years have made headlines and won awards across wine competitions. As demand grew, so did our amazing range of wines. We aim to source from wineries that practice sustainable and organic farming to best present our ethics and eagerness to guide a new age of vinophiles here in Malaysia. This is the best wine delivery service you need.

We love wine, and so should you.


Our vision is to foster fellowship within communities. How we aim to achieve this is to build close relationships with our suppliers as well as enabling our customers to embark on an experience in vineyards of their favourite wines through digital media and video journalism.

Although we have yet to hit the heights of bringing vineyard experience to the people because of travel restrictions, we're dedicated one day to achieving this goal of vineyards through digital platforms.

Regardless, our mission aims to pair hardwork and light-hearted pleasure through wines, a balance needed for any individual.