G A R Y V E E : Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Jimmy Everything to Know About Wine Tasting

GARYVEE WINE CRITIC. Yes you heard it. Did you know Garyvee lauched America's WineLibrary.com with his father's wine distribution company and remains one of the largest wine e-com retailers in the states. Gary himself has basically lived his whole life breathing, smelling, drinking (not excessively I hope) and understanding wines since he was a kid.

"The reason I’m writing this is because I have some experience. I’ve tasted thousands and thousands of wines in my life. In middle school, I replaced text-books with magazines about wine. I read every issue of the wine spectator, cover to cover and consumed as much content as I could. My father, having immigrated from Russia, started a small wine store in New Jersey. I worked there every day since I was a teen. I started my career as the host of Wine Library TV producing more than 1000 episodes of wine content just like this."

Here he teaches Jimmy Fallon, a popular late night TV host in America, the right way to taste and evaluate wines. Enjoy!