Wine Styles


  • A light bodied wine with a light intensity of citrus flavours
  • A fruity wine with high levels of acidity
  • Fresh apple and pear flavours with refreshing high levels of acity
  • Lemon and peach flavours with vanilla notes
  • A dry Riesling with lemon, peach and honeysuckle aromas
  • Intense lemon and green apple flabours with regreshing high levels of acidity
  • A dry Riesling with aromas of fresh lime and blossom
  • A wine with notes of citrus fruits and cut grass n the nose and palate
  • Intense fruit flavours of peach and citrus with a medium sweetness balanced by high acidity
  • A full-bodied wine with ripe tropical fruit and vanilla character
  • A fresh, fruit and beautifully made Sauvignon blanc
  • Fresh green fruits and herbaceous notes
  • Intense flavours of fruit and spice, which last on the palate