What Your Favourite Wine Says About You

Wines, like us, are individuals (bottles) with different expressions and personality. Some may be bold, some fun and funky, and others light. Have you ever wondered if your favourite wine expresses who you are? Wonder no more. This is Vyne’s take on “What Your Favourite Wine Says About You!”


Pinot Noir

Your choices tend to be safe. You’re not too bold, you’re not too quiet either. Pinot Noir is also a grape that can be hard to grow, but the difficult times are definitely worthwhile. So if you like Pinot Noir, you may be a risk taker that enjoys rewarding challenges. 


You are the best of both worlds (red and white)! You are different, you don’t fit into one category (for example, being neither introverted or extroverted), and you proudly embody this. 


You love your comfort zone, you’re loyal and opinionated (probably very organised, too!). You’re not going to be easily swayed (you know what you like and what you don’t), even if the majority of the world tells you that they really, really do not like Chardonnay. 

Sauvignon Blanc

One word: sophistication. Similar to Chardonnay lovers, you know what you want and like, and dislike wasting time in straying away from this. A way to capture your attention is to ask you “What do you think about this?”

Orange Wine

You’re quirky, different (the good kind), artisanal … and you probably have a beard. Do you? 


Well hello, your personality screams “big”, and people generally love you. You probably like unforgettable movies, loud music and fast cars, but you’re also dependable and generous. 


Just like the wine itself, you’re an easy-going person. You’re who people would describe as sweet, fun, and kind, but you also underrated— and you appreciate this. Subtlety, just like the wine, is your style. You love deep thoughts, and may very well enjoy intellectual conversations. 

Sparkling, Champagne, Prosecco

You love festivals, celebrations and big events. You’re almost always the life of the party and you have a big, big personality. 


You have a humble personality— you’re modest, rare, compassionate, and you probably have an old soul. You like books, deserts, scream ‘vintage’, and from time to time, love to be left alone. 

Your favourite wine holds more than just a delightful taste—it reveals aspects of your personality and preferences. Whether you find comfort in the familiar like Chardonnay or embrace the boldness of Shiraz, each wine choice tells a unique story about who you are. So, the next time you pour a glass of your favourite vino, take a moment to savour not only the flavours, but also the reflection of yourself it holds. Cheers!