Traversing A to Z: Alpha, Box & Dice

In the rolling hills of South Australia's McLaren Vale, amidst the sun-kissed vineyards, lies a winery that defies convention and embraces creativity. Alpha Box & Dice, often simply referred to as Alpha, is not your typical winery. It's a place where winemaking becomes an art form, and every bottle tells a story.

The Beginning:
AB&D was born in the picturesque McLaren Vale in 2008, and it's been making waves ever since. But what sets them apart? Well, for starters, there are no rigid rules here. They don't confine themselves to 'regional, varietal, or stylistic' boxes. Instead, they let the fruit do the talking, resulting in remarkable wines.

But here's where it gets even more fascinating. AB&D has embarked on an alphabetic adventure, aiming to craft a unique wine for every letter of the alphabet. From the bold Apostle, a blend of Shiraz and Durif, to the zesty Zaptung, a crown-capped Prosecco, each bottle has its own tale to tell. And let's not forget the eye-catching labels that accompany these wines, making them as captivating on the outside as they are on the inside.

Alpha Box & Dice

Image Source: Alpha Box & Dice

Grapes of Every Alphabet & Innovative Labels:
What sets Alpha apart is their commitment to breaking the mould. Traditional wineries often focus on a select few grape varieties, but Alpha embraces diversity. They work with an alphabet of grape varieties, quite literally. From Arneis to Zibibbo, they explore the entire spectrum. 

One of the most distinctive features of Alpha is their labelling. Instead of using the typical wine labels, they create unique artwork for each wine. These labels are a testament to their creative spirit and love for the unconventional. It's like collecting pieces of art that happen to hold wine.

Image Source: Le Sommelier

Image Source: D&AD


Sam Berketa:
In the world of winemaking, age is often associated with wisdom. But what happens when a young and dynamic winemaker steps into the scene? You get Sam Berketa, the vibrant and innovative Head Winemaker at Alpha Box & Dice (AB&D).

Sam's journey with AB&D began in 2016 when he was just 26 years old, making him a young gun in the world of wine. But don't let his age fool you; he's been the driving force behind evolving AB&D's wine legacy and introducing new 'letters' into their exceptional collection.

Sam's winemaking philosophy is as unique as it is refreshing. With a wealth of experience gathered from vineyards around the world, including McLaren Vale, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Rheinhessen (Germany), Barolo (Italy), and Monterey (USA), he brings a global perspective to his craft.

His mission? To ensure that every bottle of AB&D wine is nothing short of innovative, relevant, and incredibly drinkable. For Sam, it's all about capturing the essence of the fruit and the environment it comes from.

How does he do it? Sam's secret lies in his network of growers, whom he collaborates with year-round. Together, they nurture the vineyards, ensuring that every grape receives the care and attention it deserves. This meticulous approach ensures that the quality of the fruit shines through in every glass of AB&D wine.

Image Source: Alpha Box & Dice

Sustainable Practices:
While they're pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity, Alpha doesn't forget its responsibility towards the environment. They use sustainable practices in their vineyards and winemaking process. It's not just about crafting great wine; it's about doing it in a way that respects the land and nature.

Image Source: D&AD

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The Wines:
Now, are you ready to relearn the alphabets? Alpha's collection is as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you're into reds, whites, or something in between, they've got you covered.

  1. Alpha, Box & Dice Apostle Shiraz Durif 2019: Boom! Another flavour bomb from the heavy-hitting, fun-making winemakers from Alpha, Box & Dice - this time it's a blend of Grenache and Carignan, which results in a bottle that's punchy, approachable, and delicious. Dark fruits, heaps of spice and a rustic mouthfeel, the Apostle delivers everything Mclaren Vale; past, present and future. Bonus points for the artwork - symbolises us all when trying new wines; "Jesus Take The Wheel"
  1. Alpha, Box & Dice Enigma Barbera 2019: Just like the name of this wine, Enigma imparts a melange of tart fruits, chocolate and oak; blending together to produce the last piece of a puzzle that finally fits. It holds a medium body with a strong, lingering aftertaste and gets better the more you go. Truly a masterpiece in a bottle.