Three Jose Gourmet Recipes You MUST try for New Year’s Eve!

Hmm.. Jose Gourmet? To those who know and love Jose Gourmet, their products are a staple. But to those seeking a new foodie enlightenment? Look no further. Today, we’re covering anything and everything about Jose Gourmet’s tinned foods, including, three must try recipes for your 2023 New Year’s Eve dinner!

All About José
The brand Jose Gourmet, rooted in a name echoing through history, pays homage to the multitude of JOSÉs, known and unknown. In selecting a name that is both deeply Portuguese and universally resonant, the brand aligns with its mission begun years ago. The essence of JOSÉ, meaning "one who adds" in Hebrew, encapsulates the brand's purpose — to contribute both tangible and intangible value, fostering a link between quality production and consumption.

José’s Values
Positioned between producers of quality goods and those who enjoy them, Jose Gourmet's adventure is one of showcasing, enhancing value, and cultivating new social and commercial connections. The company does not seek direct competition but maintains honest relationships with suppliers and customers. Those committed to responsible production deserve a fair return, and the brand engages with discerning customers willing to invest in products at a fair price.

José’s Products
Jose Gourmet's existence centres on the quality of its products, thriving within a community shaping means, traditions, values, and possibilities. Graphic communication strategies, guided by Luis Mendonça, the creative force behind the brand's visual identity, amplify the vitality of this endeavour. The graphic project weaves together various facets, including design, art, and illustration, welcoming more individuals into the brand's circle. The image of Jose Gourmet is a diverse yet united family of images, always anticipating another addition to the family.

Jose Gourmet doesn’t just awe us with their foundation deeply rooted in their belief in fair trade, but with the ultimate, top quality products that just makes us go “yum”. Harvested sustainably from the abundant coastal waters of the Iberian Peninsula, fragrant marine delights from Jose Gourmet are not just sophisticated but also delicious and nutritious. Crafted in the timeless Portuguese tradition, Jose Gourmet conservas are a quick ticket to culinary delight — pop open the tin and savour the goodness. 

The premium ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from small local farms, ensuring a natural touch. Jose Gourmet's extra virgin olive oils, with their vibrant, lustrous, and smooth profile, and jams, featuring a delightful interplay of sweet, spicy, and savoury notes, draw inspiration from the lush landscapes of Portugal's countryside.

A Master of Marine and a CHEF?
We admit it .. we couldn’t hold it in. We just had to try their tinned food, so what better way than to do so with their suggested recipes? Here are three top recipes from Jose Gourmet that we absolutely love!

1. Jose Gourmet’s Octopus in Olive oil with Garlic
↪️ Pan Fried Octopus with Mashed Potatoes:
Boil 24 small potatoes. In a frying pan, pour 2 dl olive oil from the tins, 8 garlic cloves (smashed with skin), 2 bay leaves, 1 sprig of rosemary, 3 sprigs of thyme and parsley. Place the octopus in the pan, cover and let it simmer until golden brown in colour on both sides.

Our suggestion? Once fried, enjoy it on its own, or dip them in our all time Malaysian favourite sauce: Lingham’s
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2. Jose Gourmet’s Sardines in Tomato
↪️ Club Sandwich with Sardines in Tomato (2 Cans, Serves 2):
Toast 3 slices of crust-less bread. Cut 4 leaves of lettuce in julienne and mix with 2 to 3 tablespoons of mayo. Spread this mixture on 2 slices of toasted bread.

Now, prepare 2 hard boiled eggs, pan-fry 4 slices of bacon slowly in a non-stick frying pan. Remove all fat. Cut 6 slices of tomato.

To assemble, place a slice of bread with the lettuce julienne, on top 3 slices of tomato, one sliced hard boiled egg, the sardines in tomato from one of the cans and half the bacon

Above put the second slice of bread with the same ingredients as the first layer. Cover everything with the last slice of bread. Cut the slices into four triangles; place them on a plate with straw potatoes in the centre.

Our suggestion? Again, seriously, dip it in: Lingham’s
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3. Jose Gourmet’s Spiced Sardine Pâté
↪️ Potato Salad with Sardine Pâté:
Peel two big potatoes, cut them into pieces and place them in a saucepan with cold water and salt as needed. Bring to the boil at strong heat. Mix 3 spring onion bulbs cut into diagonal slices with 75g of parsley and 25g of dill or chopped fennel, 125ml of olive oil, lemon juice and the zest of 1 lemon. Add 2 cans of sardine pâté in pieces. Drain the potatoes when boiled and add to the remaining ingredients. Mix and check the seasoning, adding freshly ground pepper.

Our suggestion? Just eat it on its own. Trust us, it’s GOOD.
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