Sea the Day! Wine Pairings for a Fin-tastic Seafood Feast 🐠

With Ati Manel seafood wine pairing, you wont go wrong, tasting the umami-rich, savoury seafood with our premium wines! 

As May rolls around, it's an opportunity to celebrate the incredible role both of your parents play in your life. What better way to honor them than by creating a sumptuous seafood feast paired with exquisite wines? This year, let's elevate the celebration with a carefully curated selection of wines and seafood delicacies that will make your family gathering truly unforgettable.

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Picture this: the aroma of garlic-infused octopus wafting through the kitchen, the clinking of glasses filled with the finest wines, and the laughter shared between generations. That's the scene I envision for our family gathering this year—a celebration filled with love, laughter, and, of course, fantastic food and drink.

Now, let's talk wine and seafood pairings, because what's a celebration without some culinary magic? As the evening sun casts its warm glow through the kitchen window, we gather around the island, prepping ingredients for our dinner. Mom expertly makes fresh salad, and opens a can of Octopus in Garlic while Dad uncorks a bottle of Schloss Germany Dry Riesling, its crisp notes mingling with the scent of garlic and spices. Sick of cheese and cold cuts? Give our latest premium collection here a try!

Schloss Germany Dry Riesling with Octopus in Garlic or Sardines in Olive Oil: Start your feast with the crisp, refreshing notes of a Dry Riesling. Its acidity will complement the richness of the seafood, whether you opt for the tender octopus in garlic or the flavorful sardines in olive oil.

Dad pours glasses of Pete’s Pure Shiraz, its rich aroma filling the air as we raise our glasses in a toast to family and togetherness. With each sip, the bold flavors of the Shiraz enhance the robust garlic octopus and delicate garfish, creating a symphony of flavors on our palates.

Pete’s Pure Shiraz with Octopus in Garlic or Garfish in Olive Oil: For a bold and robust pairing, choose a Pure Shiraz. Its dark fruit flavors and spicy undertones will perfectly balance the savory garlic octopus or the delicate garfish in olive oil.

Barale Fratteli Langhe Nebbiolo with Sardines in Tomato or Scallops: Nebbiolo's complex profile of red fruits, floral notes, and earthy undertones pairs wonderfully with the acidity of sardines in tomato or the sweetness of scallops, adding depth to your meal.

The Arndorfer Red is twisted open, its aroma filling the room with hints of dark fruit and spice. With each pour, we raise our glasses in a toast to Mom and Dad, celebrating their love and devotion to our family. The versatility of this red wine shines as it pairs seamlessly with both the buttery scallops and the rich garfish in olive oil, creating a harmonious balance of flavors that dance on our palates.



Looking for various seafood options delivered to your doorstep? 

Arndorfer Red with Scallops or Garfish in Olive Oil: This versatile red wine offers a harmonious blend of fruitiness and earthiness, making it a delightful match for either the buttery scallops or the rich garfish in olive oil.

Ciello Baglio with Tuna Fillets in Olive or Mussels in Pickled: The bright acidity and citrusy notes of Ciello Baglio complement the brininess of tuna fillets in olive oil or the tanginess of pickled mussels, creating a refreshing combination.

Cote Mas Rose with Tuna Fillets in Olive or Razor Shells: Embrace the elegance of a Rosé with its crisp acidity and hints of red berries, pairing beautifully with the delicate flavors of tuna fillets in olive oil or the mild sweetness of razor shells.

VDS Monte with Sardines in Tomato or Garfish: Monte's medium body and fruity character enhance the flavors of sardines in tomato or garfish, making it a delightful choice for a laid-back yet sophisticated meal.

Deakin Moscato with Sardines in Olive Oil or Scallops: Finish your feast on a sweet note with a Moscato. Its floral aromas and honeyed sweetness complement the richness of sardines in olive oil or the tender sweetness of scallops.

As you gather around the table with your loved ones, raise a Vyne glass to celebrate the cherished moments shared with your parents. With these exquisite seafood delicacies brought to you from Portugal, you'll create a May feast that is designed to introduce you- and your taste buds, to an exotic, timeless meal.

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