Rosé All Day


Rosé wines {;ro-say} (light blush to deep pink in colour) are closer to White wines in aroma and taste profile. Fruity, young (unoaked) with fresh acidity, Rose wines are usually served chilled like white wines. 

Main Varietals

  • Garnacha Rose | Spain

  • Sangiovese Rose | Italy

  • Cotes de Rhone and Provence Rose | France

  • Pinot Noir Rose | France

  • Zinfandel Rose | USA


Recommended Pairing Dishes

Young wines usually have a higher acidity to its taste, accompanied with fruititness and lower, smoother tannins. A young rose requires similar food pairings that compliments its characteristics. Seafood dishes such as pan-roasted fish or prawns and squids that has a mild natural sweetness to its meat helps elevate the sweetness of the wines. To our surprise, Asian dishes too have a place in amongst excellent Rose food pairings; Dim sum, braised tofus, rice and starchy noodles just to name a few. 

As Rose's have a sparking sweetness to them, pairing with mild spicy food helps cut spice levels, so does fried chicken and roasted pork dishes.