One of A Wine Love: Martin & Anna Arndorfer

In the heart of Lower Austria's Kamptal region lies the village of Strass, a haven for winemaking that cradles the legacy of Martin Arndorfer and Anna Stieninger. 

Martin, Anna and Love.
Born into families steeped in the art of crafting fine wines, Martin follows a lineage of dedicated vintners, while Anna is the daughter of Karl Steininger, a luminary in Austria's winemaking narrative. Their journey, marked by love, open-mindedness, curiosity, and a profound connection to nature, transcends the conventional path of Kamptal winemaking. 

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Prior to steering the Arndorfer winery, the duo's travels painted their winemaking ethos with progressive strokes, exposing them to innovative farming and vinification practices. Fueled by personal experiences, family histories, and their vibrant personalities, Martin and Anna boldly departed from Kamptal's established norms, carving a distinct niche for themselves. In a brief yet impactful span, Arndorfer has ascended as a shining star in the realm of natural wines, setting a benchmark for the next generation of Austrian winemakers.

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Arndorfer Winery
The Arndorfers have transcended the fixation on conforming to the typical characteristics necessary for the appellation label. The Arndorfer vineyards, strategically placed along the Kamp River (In Kamptal), a tributary of the Danube, benefit from the river's historical embrace. This area, on the northern edge of grape cultivation possibility, teeters on the brink of winemaking feasibility. Venture just 15 kilometres north, and the climate turns too harsh, compelling vines to yield to the resilient embrace of wheat, the sole survivor in colder climes, the main player in the development of robust fruit skins, which in turn, results in wine with intense aromas and vibrant acidity.

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Their Message
At the heart of this winery's philosophy lies the conviction that exceptional wine should be a source of joy both in its creation and consumption, a sentiment vividly reflected in their wines. The sheer enjoyment they derive from winemaking is evident in the delightful array of their offerings and the perpetual exploration and refinement of expressions from diverse sites and grape varieties. 

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Their commitment is rooted in delivering the vineyard's message in its purest essence, and they traverse the path of cellar minimalism to achieve this. This entails a meticulous approach: no sulphur is introduced at crushing, no fining of the must, no addition of yeast or 'pied de cuve,' no interruption to malo, no cold stabilisation, the most gentle (if any) filtering, and minimal additions, restricted to small levels of sulphur at bottling. In Austria, where winemaking often treads the path of conservatism, many producers view this as a daring venture. 

Yet, Martin & Anna embrace it with confidence, unwavering in their belief that their wines naturally attain microbial stability through a hands-off approach, unfettered by conventional winemaking apprehensions.

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Try out Martin & Anna Arndorfer: 

Arndorfer Schlehe 2021
↪ This bottle has a luscious, deep amber hue and the scent of ripe golden plums, apricots, and peaches. It's a juicy, velvety sip into the world of Orange wine, with flavours like bruised apple, apricot, plum, rhubarb, and a hint of pepper. The grapes macerate for 10-30 days, and the wine chills out in a mix of used barrels.

Arndorfer Riesling 2021
↪ Sourced exclusively from the Wechselberg and Gaisberg vineyards, this 100% Riesling embodies the magic of cool primary rock soils. Here, vines bask in a patient, late-ripening embrace. Expect a delightful balance of vibrant acidity and luscious fruitiness, with hints of yellow plum, apple, and peach dancing on your palate with this bottle. It has a refreshingly crisp finish that pairs beautifully with savoury starters, pasta, and delectable fish and seafood dishes!

Arndorfer Anina Verde 2022
↪ This Skin-Contact Riesling is all about freshness and elegance, what an amazing bottle of orange wine. There are hints of spice and earth that linger on a satisfyingly long finish. But what sets it apart is the meticulous process. Picture Grüner Veltliner grapes, lovingly fermented on Riesling skins for ten days to unlock vibrant fruitiness and depth. After whole-cluster pressing the Riesling grapes, the Arndorfers go the extra mile, hand-separating the skins from the stems. That's dedication!

Then, this beauty ages gracefully for four months - 2/3 in stainless steel, 1/3 in French oak barrels, adding just a touch of 8 mg/l SO2 before bottling. It's unfiltered, unfined, and gravity-handled, showcasing the artistry in every drop.

Arndorfer Vorgeschmack Red 2022
A bright cherry-red in colour. Aromas of plums, red cherries and strawberries with a touch of cinnamon. On the palate, ripe yet tart with a forward acidity and ripe freshness leading to spicy finish. Try with mushroom polenta, porcini herb-crusted lamb or a slice of Edam cheese.

Arndorfer Grüner Veltliner Handcrafted 2022
Meet Grüner Veltliner Handcrafted 2022, the cool cat of Kamptal white wines, blending the vibes of the land with the winemaker's wizardry. This vintage rocks a slightly hazy charm. Take a sip, and you'll groove to its delicate yet daring dance. Fresh, taut, and oh-so lively, it flaunts a fine mineral swagger and a wealth of richness. The citrus crew, white pepper, and aromatic herbs join the party, making each sip a flavorful fiesta.

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