Celebrity-Owned Wines: Part Two!

Welcome back to the world of celebrity-owned wines! In our previous blog post (a long, long time ago), we unveiled five vyne-proved wines owned by renowned celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and John Legend. Now, get ready for another round of star-studded sips as we delve deeper into the fascinating world of wines that are crafted with passion and finesse by rock legends and Hollywood icons!


It’s my WINEEEEEEE - Jon Bon Jovi

Raise your glass to Hampton Water, the life changing result of a collaboration between rock legend Jon Bon Jovi, his son Jesse Bongiovi, Ali Thomas, and acclaimed winemaker Gérard Bertrand. Inspired by the Hamptons' relaxed lifestyle and the allure of the French wine region, Hampton Water is a mesmerising rosé that embodies the spirit of both worlds. Crafted with a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre grapes, this wine exudes vibrant flavours of red berries, citrus, and a touch of mineral notes. Its crisp acidity and refreshing finish make it an ideal companion for sunny afternoons or sophisticated soirées.

Image Source: @hamptonwater

Hey Soul … Wine? - Train

All aboard the wine train! San Me, San Francisco Wine Co., born from the collaboration between the Grammy-winning rock band Train and renowned winemaker James Foster, brings you a collection of wines that harmonise music and wine in perfect symphony. Each wine is named after Train's chart-topping songs, reflecting the band's creative spirit and love for both arts. These wines captivate the senses with their nuanced flavours and velvety textures. 

Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold goes towards supporting Family House, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing temporary housing to families of children receiving treatment at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

Image Source: @SaveMeSF / https://savemesanfrancisco.com/ 


Charlie’s Wine - Cameron Diaz

Indulge in the purity of Avaline, the brainchild of Hollywood star Cameron Diaz and her business partner Katherine Power. Avaline is an all-natural, organic wine brand that values transparency, authenticity (Avaline provides detailed information about each wine's ingredients and production processes on its labels) and focuses on vegan-friendly practices. Crafted with minimal intervention and without any artificial additives, these wines are a true reflection of Cameron's commitment to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. 

PS: You can use their online sales-only bottle as a rolling pin!

Image Source: Image Source: https://drinkavaline.com/

Wine-co Motion - Kylie Minogue

Pop sensation Kylie Minogue brings her star power to the world of wine with her exquisite collection that she launched in 2020. Collaborating exclusively with London-based distributor Benchmark Drinks, Kylie offers a range of nine remarkable wines that embody her passion for elegance and celebration. Among her notable creations, the Kylie Minogue Rosé Prosecco dazzles with its lively bubbles, floral aromas, and delicate flavours of ripe strawberries and citrus. The Signature Rosé, on the other hand, captivates with its pale pink hue, refreshing acidity, and delightful notes of wild berries and pink grapefruit. 

Whether you're raising a glass to a special occasion or simply celebrating life's everyday moments, Kylie's wines infuse every sip with glamour and charm (and totally has us doing the loco-motion!)

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue Wine

Image Source: https://www.kylieminoguewines.com/ 

How I Met Your ... Bear? - Kyle Maclachlan

Prepare to be charmed (and pursued) by Pursued By Bear, a wine brand created by the versatile actor Kyle MacLachlan (we know him as Captain George Van Smoot, Paul Atreides). Named after a stage direction in Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale," Pursued By Bear represents Kyle's pursuit of excellence in winemaking and his desire to create something special in his hometown in Yakima, Washington. 

The Baby Bear Syrah entices with its bold flavours of dark berries, black pepper, and hints of smoke, while the Blushing Bear rosé enchants with its delicate notes of strawberries, watermelon, and a touch of floral elegance. Each bottle from Pursued By Bear is a testament to Kyle's love for his roots and his desire to create exceptional wines that captivate the palate and tell a story of passion.

Kyle Pursued By Bear
Pursued By Bear Kyle

Image Source: https://www.pursuedbybearwine.com/

Heimdall? Take Us Home - Idris Elba

Are you ready to be transported to the enchanting world of Porte Noire, a wine venture led by the charismatic actor and musician Idris Elba and Frenchman (and oenophile), David Farber.

This venture originated from a visit to the prestigious Sanger viticultural school in Champagne, France, in 2018, which resulted in the critically acclaimed Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru vintage Champagne. Building on this success, they (Elba & Farber) expanded their selection to include Château Sainte Marguerite, a family-owned estate in Côtes de Provence, known for its mineral and refreshing certified organic Provence rosé. Porte Noire also offers Petite Porte champagne for everyday enjoyment. 

The name "Porte Noire" translates to "Black Door," representing the gateway to a world of rich flavours and unforgettable experiences. The duo's future plans include the opening of Porte Noire Gastronomic Wine Bar, an intimate space inspired by continental European wine bars. With a curated collection of wines, Porte Noire caters to every occasion, from light and sparkling to bold and adventurous, complemented by an earthy menu of elevated comfort food.

Porte Noire

Image Source: https://www.portenoire.co.uk/about-us/ 

In the world of wine, celebrities are leaving their unique imprints, bringing their passion and creativity to the vineyards. Each celebrity-owned wine offers a distinct blend of artistry and taste, so, when you get to enjoy these remarkable wines, know that they carry the spirit of the famous personalities who crafted them!