Beyond The Glass: Woof-ing & Wine-ing Their Way Into Our Hearts

It’s time to meet Ciarán "Cron": Hudson: he loves dogs. And well, wine. 

Okay, picture this: Ciarán, all set for a fancy corporate gig in London. But, well, life had other plans. Instead of a desk job, he found himself knee-deep in grapevines during harvest season in sunny South France. Not your typical career detour, right?

Now, fast forward to a wine-tasting soirée in the charming village of Le Barroux. Ciarán's surrounded by passionate local winemakers. And then, it happens – they pour him a glass of wine that's basically a taste explosion, like fireworks for your taste buds. One sip, and it was like a grape-powered "Aha!" moment that made him rethink everything and led him to the creation of a legend (we thank the stars for this): Beyond The Glass

Image Source: Beyond The Glass


It’s Really A Tale About Man’s Best Friend
Ciarán and his trusty pals Maggie and Percy are all about making wine easy-going, relatable, and above all, a blast. They believe that every bottle should be like a good chat with a close friend - approachable, enjoyable, and never too fancy.

But the love doesn’t stop there. 

At Beyond the Glass, some of their pals have a soft spot for horse-like doggos, especially friends like Maggie and Percy. They believe in a simple philosophy - when you have more than you need, you make a bigger table, not a taller fence.

So, they decided to do something more than just crafting tasty drinks. They wanted to give back to the parts of the community that could use a helping paw. You see, greyhounds, those speedy racetrack stars, often need a loving home once their racing days are over.

Beyond the Glass supports an organisation entirely run by volunteers that rescues and cares for these lovely greyhounds. They donate 10% of their profits from wines with Pinot Gris and 5% from all other wines sold on their website to this wonderful cause. It's their way of spreading love and making sure these horsey doggies find the happy homes they deserve. ❤️🐾

Image Source: Beyond The Glass


But Hold Up, It’s Not Just Man and His Best Friend
BTG has long embraced feminist values and are now translating those beliefs into action. Recognizing the wine industry's deeply rooted gender biases, they are actively working to be a catalyst for change. Their commitment is evident in their pledge: 5% of every online sale goes towards Women and Revolution (WaR), an organisation tirelessly championing gender equality within the wine sector. WaR stands with all women, non-binary individuals, and those with trans experiences. This isn't just about showing support; it's an essential dedication

Beyond the Region, and its Wines
Now, onto our favourite part: The regions and the WINE. First comes the regions …

1. Pyrenees

Not to be confused with the renowned mountain range dividing France and Spain, we're talking about the enchanting foothills and ranges of Western Victoria. These undulating landscapes offer a delightful tapestry of microclimates, a winemaker's dream.

2. Geelong
Geelong is more than just a name; it's a melody of Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Riesling, and the iconic Chardonnay. Way back in the 1850s, it welcomed its first vines. This cool climate region, with its humble rainfall, gives birth to wines brimming with rich flavours, captivating aromas, and vivid colours.

3. Heathcote
When you think of Heathcote, think of world-famous Shiraz. Here, in the heart of Australia, traditions blend with innovation. The wines from this region are like a deep, complex symphony of fruits, all gracefully balanced, and with the potential to age beautifully.

Image Source: Beyond The Glass


And then comes the wines: 

1. Beyond The Glass Percy GSM 2021: The fruit is from Taungurung Country (Heathcote), grown lovingly at Humis Vineyard and Merindoc Estate. It spent two weeks on skins with daily pumpovers before being pressed to barrel for a 7 month relax. Named in honour of Percy, a goofy boi, guard dog, heart thief.

2. Beyond The Glass Ruby Rosé 2022: A Grenache Syrah blend from Heathcote in Victoria. Ciaránn leaves both on skins for 8 hours after a bit of stomping. A little savoury, a little bit of gusto and eye-catching colour. Delightfully delish!

3. Beyond the Glass Salem Fuming Blanc 2022: Salem is radiant. Like a diamond, lemon zest. Shiny, bright and lastingly fresh. The Sémillon is from Wurundjeri (Sunbury) and the Gris is from Bendigo. The Semillon was all done in a tank; direct press from hand picked delicious old vines. The Gris was pressed directly to the barrel for a little rounding and some gentle oak. Acidic but not too sharp. Named in honour of Salem. An emo by day, a love monster by night.

Image Source: Beyond The Glass