Alternative Bis: A Tale of Friendship and Wine

In the charming village of Puechabon, nestled within the prestigious AOP Terrasses du Larzac, lies an estate like no other. Established in the year 2009, this winemaking haven, known as L'Alternative, or Alternative Bis, has been crafting exceptional wines that speak of terroir, dedication, and a profound love for the art of winemaking.

Image Source: Vinventions

The Tale
Alternative Bis, as it came to be known, emerged from the collective dreams of five close friends; Frédéric Kast, Cedric, Alex, Nicholas & Julie. These friends weren't just brought together by a common bond; they shared an unbridled passion for wines and the natural beauty that surrounded them. Their mission was simple yet profound: to cultivate their vineyards, produce exceptional grapes, and craft wines that would capture the very essence of their terroir.

Frédéric Kast
Frédéric hails from the scenic region of Brittany but found his true calling in the vineyards of Alsace. In 2001, he ventured south, where he delved into a different approach to viticulture and the art of blending. His career reached new heights as he managed a prestigious château in Aniane from 2007 to 2016. Then, in 2009, he eagerly joined Alternative Bis, seizing the opportunity to cultivate "his" vineyard.

Today, he's the heart and soul of the winery, overseeing every aspect from grape cultivation to winemaking and sales. With unwavering dedication, he crafts wines that tell the story of his remarkable journey—a Brittany native's odyssey through the captivating world of wine.

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A Terroir Unlike Any Other
At the heart of Alternative Bis's winemaking journey lies a truly remarkable terroir. Spread across 3.5 hectares of land, this vineyard is a seamless expanse of rolled pebbles. It's a terroir that seems almost tailor-made for producing exceptional wines. Here, the vines thrive, soaking up the essence of the earth, and giving life to wines that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Image Source: Vinventions

The Wines of Alternative Bis
Alternative Bis is known for its distinctive wines, each with its own story to tell. Among their notable creations, two stand out: "Mas des Disciples" and the more recent addition, "Alphée." These wines are a testament to the winery's commitment to producing excellence from their own vineyards.

But the story doesn't end there. 'Alternative Bis extends its passion for winemaking by collaborating with partner producers for their "Poteaux" and "Phoenix" range. Here, they source the finest harvest from these partners and bring it to their estate for vinification, ensuring that each bottle carries the essence of their dedication until the very last drop.

1. Le Poteau Rouge IGP 2020: A beautiful, fruity, well-balanced and rather 'youthful' Red. Pleasant on the palate with a nice structure that guarantees an interesting mouthfeel and finish. Very drinkable and especially good with mushroom risotto cold cuts.

2. Le Poteau Rosé IGP 2022: This lovely Rosé guarantees refreshing notes of raspberry, pomegranate and watermelon whilst carrying a smooth mouthfeel and medium acidity. Its flavour is as original as its beginnings.

3. Le Poteau Blanc IGP 2021: From Southern France, fresh white flowers with powdery perfume, ripe pears and stone fruits. This is the almost-perfect white that is rather fragrant and sensual.

4. Mas Des Disciples Alphee Aoc 2018: In a dark ruby colour that reflects the elegance this wine holds. The palate is supple, but opens up nicely with hints of spice and well-blended ageing. Refreshing even with pronounced notes of truffle. Subtle and racy with a nice presence of black fruit.

5. Mas Des Disciples Premiere Pierre 2015: This beautiful garnet red wine screams romance at first glance. It has an inviting bouquet of blackcurrants, blueberries and violets as fruitier notes - punching back with earthy truffle notes as it opens up. Its oaky profile makes it a perfect pairing with beautiful grilled steaks or hearty stews on a late evening. Softens the heart of many.