A Wine Natural: Arianna Occhipinti

In the world of winemaking, there are few individuals as captivating and innovative as Arianna Occhipinti. With her unwavering commitment to natural winemaking practices, she has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry, captivating wine enthusiasts worldwide. Today, we’ll be taking a look at her extraordinary journey while uncovering her philosophy, vineyard practices, and the remarkable wines that bear her name!

1. The Rise of a Visionary Winemaker

Introduction to Arianna Occhipinti
Arianna Occhipinti, born and raised in the picturesque region of Vittoria in Sicily, has become a sensation in the wine industry. As a dynamic and talented young winemaker, she has garnered widespread acclaim and has made her mark on the wine world. Arianna exemplifies the fresh wave of vintners who are passionately committed to producing wines that authentically embody the essence of the land. Her dedication to crafting exceptional wines that capture the true spirit of the terroir has catapulted her to the forefront of the industry.

Influences and Inspirations
Arianna's passion for winemaking was nurtured by her uncle, Giusto Occhipinti, the renowned winemaker behind COS winery. His dedication to natural winemaking and respect for the land deeply influenced Arianna's approach to winemaking.

Embracing Natural Winemaking
Arianna's philosophy revolves around minimal intervention and allowing the grapes and terroir to shine through. She believes in sustainable farming practices, organic viticulture, and biodynamic principles to create wines that are a true reflection of nature.

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2. Sustaining the Land: Biodynamic and Organic Practices

Sustainable Farming in the Vineyard
Arianna employs sustainable farming practices in her vineyards, focusing on biodiversity, soil health, and natural pest control. She avoids the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, allowing the vines to thrive in harmony with their environment.

Biodynamic Principles and Practices
Inspired by Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic principles, Arianna incorporates lunar cycles, herbal preparations, and composting into her vineyard management. This holistic approach aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that promotes the health and vitality of the vines.

Organic Viticulture: Nurturing the Ecosystem
Arianna practises organic viticulture, embracing a system that fosters soil fertility and biodiversity. By avoiding synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms, she ensures the preservation of the natural balance in the vineyard.


3. All About Sicily

The Influence of Sicilian Landscapes
Sicily's diverse landscapes, with their volcanic soils and Mediterranean climate, provide a unique terroir for winemaking. Arianna carefully selects vineyard sites that showcase the distinct characteristics of each region, allowing the wines to express their sense of place.

Vineyard Selection and Grape Varieties
Arianna works with indigenous grape varieties such as Nero d'Avola and Frappato, which thrive in Sicily's terroir. These grapes offer a rich tapestry of flavours and aromas, embodying the spirit of the island and its unique viticultural heritage.

The Wonders of Nero d'Avola and Frappato
Nero d'Avola, Sicily's most renowned red grape, produces wines of depth and complexity, with dark fruit flavours and hints of spice. Frappato, on the other hand, is a lighter red grape, known for its vibrant red fruit notes and elegant structure.

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4. Wines with Minimal Intervention

Gentle Winemaking Techniques
Arianna's winemaking approach involves gentle techniques that preserve the integrity of the grapes. Fermentation occurs spontaneously with native yeasts, and the wines are aged in a combination of clay amphorae and large oak barrels to enhance the natural flavours.

Spontaneous Fermentation and Native Yeasts
Arianna relies on the natural yeasts present in the vineyard and winery for fermentation. This allows for a more authentic expression of the grapes and their terroir, contributing to the complexity and character of her wines.

Extended Maceration and Aging in Amphorae
Arianna employs extended maceration, keeping the grape skins in contact with the juice for an extended period. This technique enhances the structure, tannins, and colour of the wines. Ageing in clay amphorae further refines the wines, preserving their freshness and purity.

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5. Tasting the Magic: Arianna Occhipinti's Exceptional Wines

Nero d'Avola: The Soul of Sicily
Arianna's Nero d'Avola wines showcase the grape's depth and intensity. They exhibit flavours of ripe dark fruits, aromatic herbs, and a balanced structure that reflects the volcanic soils of Sicily.

Frappato: A Delicate and Aromatic Delight
Arianna's Frappato wines captivate with their bright red fruit flavours, floral aromas, and graceful texture. They offer a light and refreshing experience, perfectly suited for warm Sicilian days.

Exploring Limited Releases and Special Cuvees
Arianna Occhipinti also produces limited releases and special cuvées that showcase her experimental and creative side. These wines push the boundaries of winemaking, offering unique expressions that intrigue and delight the senses.


6. Recognition and Impact

Acclaim from Critics and Wine Enthusiasts
Arianna Occhipinti's wines have garnered critical acclaim and gained a devoted following among wine enthusiasts. Her dedication to natural winemaking and the exceptional quality of her wines have earned her recognition as one of the leading figures in the industry.

Shaping the Future of Natural Winemaking
Through her innovative approach, Arianna Occhipinti has become an influential force in the natural winemaking movement. Her commitment to sustainability, organic practices, and expressing the true character of the land has inspired a new generation of winemakers.

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Arianna Occhipinti stands as a beacon of innovation and authenticity in the world of winemaking. Her unwavering dedication to natural winemaking practices, sustainable farming, and showcasing the unique terroir of Sicily has resulted in exceptional wines that captivate the senses. With every sip of an Arianna Occhipinti wine, you embark on a sensory journey that connects you to the land, the grapes, and the vision of a remarkable winemaker.