Valentine's Day 2023: 5 Stay-at-Home Date Ideas and Wines to Share with Your Partner

With Covid-19 slowly becoming a distant memory, many are leaving their homes to spend more time with loved ones in the great outdoors. While restaurants, cute cafes, and bars are great places to take your partner this Valentine’s Day, who says that cosying up together in the comfort of your own home can’t be just as romantic?

Whether you don’t feel like going out after a long week, couldn’t get a reservation at the restaurants you wanted, or simply prefer staying at home, here are 5 adorable date ideas and a bottle of wine for each experience, that are guaranteed to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Cook a Gourmet Meal Together

Getting a reservation at a fancy restaurant can be a daunting task on Valentine’s Day, as you compete with every couple in the city to secure the perfect date spot. The odds are not in your favour this time of year, so give yourselves the candlelit dinner you deserve, in the comfort of your own home.

Cooking together can be a wonderful way to bond with your partner to create everlasting memories. Choose from this list of recipes and whip up your very own gourmet meal!

Of course, the perfect date wouldn’t be complete without a delicious bottle of wine. We recommend Bodegas Artuke’s Finca de Los Locos 2019, a gorgeous red wine guaranteed to elevate your culinary masterpiece.


Credit: Bridget Jones Diary


Build a blanket fort to Netflix & Chill

Rewind the clock this Valentine’s Day and indulge in the reminiscence of childhood by building a cosy blanket fort in the middle of your living room. Cuddle up with your partner and unwind by catching up on all the latest hits. Here’s a quick tutorial for some inspiration on how to build the coziest blanket fort!

The 2018 Hither & Yon Tempranillo acts as the perfect companion for a cosy night in. It’s comforting aroma and flavour is encapsulated by the warm essence of forest berries and cinnamon.

Have your wine delivered right to your doorstep and spend the night cuddling up together in your own little bubble.


Painting together

Channel your inner artist and let your creativity run wild by expressing yourself through an extraordinary masterpiece. Pick up a few brushes, use your hands, or even your entire body to express yourself through art.

The sky’s the limit, and there are no wrong answers when it comes to creative expression. Whether you follow a Bob Ross tutorial together, or take turns adding features to one canvas, making art is an interesting (and potentially sensual) way to relieve stress and to learn more about your partner.

For this activity, we suggest Lucy Margaux ‘Out of Control le Melanger’ 2021 as your Epicurean drink of choice. A beautiful blend of red and white, this playful wine is sure to help guide your thoughts onto the canvas.


Challenge each other to a bake-off

Credit: The Great British Bake Off


Want to satiate your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day, but don’t feel like settling for chocolates AGAIN? Spice up your night with some friendly competition by recreating an episode of The Great British Bake Off in your own kitchen.

Here are a few recipes by Martha Stewart to get you started on your culinary journey. You could also challenge yourself further by attempting to annihilate your partner without a recipe!

The playful wholesomeness that surrounds this activity is perfectly accompanied by Le Poteau ‘Blanc’ IGP 2021. If the competition gets a little too heated, level the playing field with a bottle or two of Le Poteau Blanc, and enjoy its fragrant aroma with hints of pear and citrus.


Spa night

Exhausted after a long week? Practice a bit of self-care by treating yourself to a spa night at home! Scented candles, soothing music, and a few self-care products are all you need to achieve divine tranquillity together.

Here are a few suggestions on how to give your partner the ultimate spa treatment. Shop online, or simply get yourself a few face masks from a pharmacy or Asian supermarket nearby.

The perfect bottle to complete your spa experience, the 2020 Côté Mas Aurore ‘Rosé’ is sure to liven your spirits and leave you feeling refreshed. Rejuvenise your palate with lovely flavours of strawberry and watermelon, excellent after enduring a scorching hot day.